Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Samsung UN32EH4000 is a Peach of a LED TV

Samsung UN32EH4000 is a Peach of a LED TV

The 32” 4000 Series LED/LCD 720p Black TV is a breath of fresh air for smaller-size TV’s. Bigger is better seems to be a defining point for TV’s, whether they are LED, LCD or plasma. For once, we would like to think that this trend is a dying breed, or at least stalling, when reviewing our pretty Samsung UN32EH4000. For around $350, you can pick one up or order online and is definitely worth the money spent. Although listed as 720p, it still performs admirably on a 1080p signal. The precise pixel resolution is 1366x768. Unless you are short-sighted and would need to face up to your TV screen, you should not even worry about noticing a lower resolution. The refresh rate stands at 60Hz and the screen finish is matte, which prevents too much glare interfering in your viewing pleasure in a well-lit room. A cute LED backlight complements the style of the Samsung UN32EH4000.

No Razzle Dazzle but Who Cares?


Without 3D technology, many TV’s lack personality but we could not imagine watching 3D on a 32” and not be cross-eyed afterwards. In any case, 3D still has a lot of progress to pursue before we bow in adoration to its prowess. Having previously mentioned what the Samsung UN32EH4000 has in its favour, we now have to herald its shortcomings (which we honestly could live without!). No Smart TV and no internet connection may appear intimidating for most but if you are looking to use an appliance for what it really is, then there’s no excuse to whine and moan. The Samsung UN32EH4000 specs also include 1 USB port and 2 HDMI ports and the Samsung UN32EH4000 dimensions equate to 29.1” x 19.4” x 7.5” with stand. There is no analogue PC input, which is strange for a 32”, seeing as it could easily double as a PC monitor. However, there is still the option of using one of the 2 HDMI ports to do the trick. One neat addition to this model is the 60Hz dejudder mode. The set does not swivel but at a measly 14lbs it could easily be turned to your heart’s desire.

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Picture Quality at its Best

Of all the 32” TV’s we reviewed, the Samsung UN32EH4000 was the hands-down winner of the best black level, with only deeper levels being encountered with 46” models. That’s saying something about the blackness of the Samsung UN32EH4000! An even better attribute of this model is the shadow effect which provides deep and crystal-clear images. The colour settings are easy to pronounce and, even without the presence of advanced menu controls; they are a joy to watch.

Video Playback Not One of the Samsung UN32EH4000 Strong Points
Without the option of a dedicated 24p mode, the Samsung UN32EH4000 TV lacks punch when it comes to video playback, especially with Blu-ray. Even with the activation of the LED Motion Plus, there is not much improvement which made us decide on a thumbs-down in this category.

Brightness is No Friend of This TV

No TV’s perform at their peak in brightness, especially if this is accentuated by a couple of windows shedding light on the entire room the TV is positioned in. When laid at rest, however in mild or low-level rooms, the results were good. When tested in brightness we found the Samsung UN32EH4000 to perform badly in black luminance, near-black x/y, before average colour temperature, blue luminous error, 1080p/24 cadence (IAL), motion resolution (max), motion resolution (dejudder off) and PC input resolution (VGA). Still, brightness failures apart, a seal of approval from us!